Established in 1999, Mitchell River Group is a private investment partnership specialising in the metals and energy industries. We provide seed funding and management for early stage resource projects with a primary focus on base metals, coal and uranium.

Mitchell River Group has supported the establishment of a number of substantial project development companies over the past years, including:

  • African Energy Resources Limited which is developing the Sese Integrated Power Project (coal mine and power plant) in Bostwana;
  • Anova Metals Limited which is developing the Big Springs gold mine in Nevada, USA;
  • Energy Ventures Limited which is progressing technical studies on the Aurora uranium deposit in Oregon, USA;
  • Panoramic Resources Limited which has the Savannah nickel project in production;
  • Exco Resources Limited which mined the White Dam gold deposit in South Australia;
  • Albidon Limited which mined the Munali nickel deposit in Zambia (taken over by Jinchuan Group Co. Ltd); and
  • Mirabela Nickel Ltd which is operating the large Santa Rita nickel in Brazil.

The group has significant expertise in base metals, iron oxide-copper-gold (‘IOCG’), gold, coal and uranium.